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fundamental differences, revisited

Right after hitting publish on my recent post on fundamental differences, I started to feel nervous about it. I’m fairly sure I didn’t explain myself fairly well, I’m fairly sure that I don’t actually agree with everything I said there, I’m fairly sure that there are parts that I still agree with now but that […]

the mad man

I recently (re)read The Mad Man, by Samuel R. Delany. Which is a book that I’m still trying to figure out: on the one hand, it’s one of the most life-affirming books that I know, but on the other hand, it’s pornography, and pornography where the protagonist spends a fair amount of time drinking piss. […]

national coming out day

This month’s theme seems to be “blog about David’s sexuality”; one of my coworkers recently reminded me that National Coming Out Day is today, so let’s just make that theme still more explicit. Because it’s kind of amazing (embarrassing, really) that I’ve written more than 1100 posts on this blog, and this is the first […]