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the nintendo switch

My normal policy for buying consoles is that I buy a new console when the game that I clearly want to play next is only on that console. Which means that I buy all of them eventually (well, all of them except for the portable Sony consoles) but that it sometimes takes a few years: […]

my wii library

I was just looking over at my shelf of games; here are the non-downloadable games I currently own for the Wii: Super Mario Galaxy Animal Crossing Boom Blox Endless Ocean Rayman Raving Rabbids Super Smash Bros No More Heroes Super Paper Mario Wii Sports Wii Play Zack & Wiki Metroid Prime 3 Zelda Super Monkey […]

a week of wii

Random Wii thoughts one week later: I would have expected to feel stupid saying “Wii” all the time, but I actually don’t mind. I guess Nintendo wasn’t completely insane when they decided on that name. Zelda is very good so far, except for the early fishing sequence. (I’m seven hours in, I think I’m a […]