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Archives for May, 2017

portal and portal 2

Earlier this year, I had a bit of time before the big Spring game releases came out, so I decided to replay Portal and to play Portal 2 for the first time. I’d liked Portal the first time I played it; I really liked it this time, to the extent that I think of it […]

remastering rocksmith

Rocksmith put out a two quite substantial free patches at the end of last year. I’ve been playing Rocksmith significantly more since the patches, and in different (and better!) ways. As I said in that post, I’ve switched my practice from being primarily based on browsing (leafing through my favorites and playing whatever catches my […]

batch method objects and reducing duplication

I’ve been falling behind in blogging here, but I did write up a note last week on the Sumo Logic blog about something I recently ran into while programming, and Sumo has kindly allowed me to publish a copy here as well.   When Sumo Logic receives metrics data, we put those metrics datapoints into […]

where are the protests?

The day after Trump’s inauguration, a half million women descended upon Washington, D.C to protest, with millions more participating in satellite protests all over the country, even across the world. It was inspiring, and it got attention. And then the Muslim Ban came, and that inpiration led me and many other people across the country […]