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So: Osmos. It’s a lot like Art Style: Orbient, no? In the mechanism of circles absorbing other circles until they become the largest circle, in the simplicity of the controls, in the puzzle nature, in the simplicity of the presentation, in the amount of content that’s perfectly reasonable for a five-dollar game. I like Osmos‘s […]

oddworld: abe’s oddysee

As our third game, the Vintage Game Club chose Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee. Which has the distinction of being the most actively annoying game that I’ve played in several years. For one thing, it’s a really difficult game: it’s not unusual to find areas that you’ll have to play through dozens of times before succeeding, and […]

art style: orbient

Art Style: Orbient is the first new game (i.e. not a repackaging of one previously published) that I’ve purchased via download. (For the princely sum of six dollars.) And it’s a delightful little game, and one that makes me happy about the increasing variety of mechanisms by which games can be disseminated. It’s a very […]