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phoenix wright 5

Before playing Phoenix Wright 5, I replayed the first four games in the series. And it’s an excellent series, one that I’m glad I replayed! The fifth game in the series is a good game, too. It’s changed mechanically, though: they dramatically reduced the number of situations where it was possible to be stumped about […]


I had two questions when I started playing the Edgeworth game: how would the role reversal of playing as a prosecutor work, and how would the transition from viewing static screens to walking around environments work? And the answer to both was the same: less of a change than you’d think, but that’s okay. Or […]

ipad 1, laptop 0

I had a great time at GDC this year, with one exception: halfway through the conference, my back started really hurting. My laptop isn’t that heavy, but it’s heavy enough, and something about the way it was sitting in my backpack put more strain on my muscles than they wanted. So I decided that, the […]