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gls 2010: wednesday

I’m at the Games, Learning, and Society conference for the rest of the week; here are my notes on today’s events. I started the day by finally getting to meet Roger Travis in person! I’ve been hearing his disembodied voice weekly for ages now at the VGHVI gaming sessions that I feel like I know […]

civ 4

Having added extra memory to my Mac (1.5GB, instead of .5GB), and having finished the other games I was in the middle of, I went out and bought a copy of Civilization 4 on the Saturday of labor day weekend. I opened the box, gazed with pleasure upon the technology tree diagram, popped it in, […]

writing before reading

After sleeping for about 14 hours each of the last two days, my flu seems to be getting under control. I’m not healthy yet, but I’m pretty sure I’m on the mend. Anyways: when I was a kid, I read a lot. Miranda, however, hasn’t shown any real interest in reading yet. She has lots […]


I was pretty excited to get Sid Meier’s Pirates!: I’ve spent many a pleasant hour with the various Civilization games, and the reviews talked about how you couldn’t put the game down, how you’d find yourself playing it at two in the morning. The reality wasn’t so great, however. Its resemblance to Civilization was very […]