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Meteos is a DS puzzle game. It’s in the “objects falling from the sky” genre; a new take, enabled by the touch screen. The goal is to line up three blocks of the same color (either horizontally or vertically); you can do this by moving blocks up and down in a column using the stylus. […]

ds impressions

A bit clunkier than I expected, but I’m sure they’ll fix that in a future revision of the hardware. Anyways, interesting differences between the DS and previous Gameboys: Two screens. Bottom screen is touch sensitive. Microphone. Wireless. Wireless is obviously a good idea; ever since the Pokemon games, Gameboys have been about communication, so we […]

bought a ds

I bought a Nintendo DS; the triggers were that we’re going on vacation soon, plus the release of the new Mario and Luigi RPG and the new Animal Crossing. We also got a puzzle game called Meteos, which seems decent so far, and which at least uses the input mechanism well.