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gls 2010: wednesday

I’m at the Games, Learning, and Society conference for the rest of the week; here are my notes on today’s events. I started the day by finally getting to meet Roger Travis in person! I’ve been hearing his disembodied voice weekly for ages now at the VGHVI gaming sessions that I feel like I know […]

how buildings learn

I wasn’t expecting to like How Buildings Learn nearly as much as I did. I learned about it from the XP book‘s bibliography, and certainly you wouldn’t have to look very far in the book to find inspiration for your programming. But I was surprised at how interested I was in the actual topic of […]

the rise of the creative class

Today’s book: The Rise of the Creative Class, by Richard Florida. Or rather, the book of a couple of months ago; I really need to start blogging right after I finish something. The book claims that something called the creative class has become hugely important over the last few decades, now outstripping the working class […]

jane jacobs, r.i.p.

And now Jane Jacobs is dead. Sigh. Go out and read The Death and Life of Great American Cities, everybody. I really like this picture of her.