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xml, html output

My HTML output class is now at what I expect to be a reasonably stable state. It’s not by any means a perfect solution for the world’s HTML needs, but it can generate the output that I want without much excess typing, which is all that matters. Actually, it divided into two classes this morning. […]

first ruby experiments

I wrote my first Ruby code yesterday. It was a port of a date wrapper that I wrote in Java for dbcdb: its only job is to convert to/from written representations, and to have some special dates representing “I read this once, but I don’t remember exactly when” and “I’m in the middle of reading […]

what to do next?

I’ve finished the last important code cleanups from my dbcdb code: I removed some proxy objects that had been used for lazy loading. I was really surprised to see how much that cleaned up certain aspects of the code: my Entity objects’ constructors got a lot cleaner, useless attribute setters/getters were removed, and in general […]

amazon prime

A month and a half ago, I was toying with the idea that maybe signing up for Amazon prime would actually save me money. I still don’t really believe that, but the general idea of not buying books until right before I’m going to actually read them seems sound to me. I’m going on a […]