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the toyota way and nemawashi

(Mostly an e-mail to the leandevelopment group, but I figured I might as well stick it here, too.) I just finished reading The Toyota Way, by Jeffrey Liker. Which I highly recommend: it may actually now be my favorite (non-software-specific) lean book. A clear presentation of a good set of principles; I saw a lot […]

thoughts on testing

In the spirit of “every long e-mail I send somewhere should be shamelessly recycled on my blog”, I present some random thoughts on testing. Why do we release products with defects that we weren’t aware of? This is a sign of flaws in our testing; two possible causes are: We don’t know what to test […]

exploratory testing

The Poppendiecks’ latest book gives an interesting analysis of types of testing. (Taken originally from Brian Marick’s blog.) They propose that you divide testing up in two different ways: on the one hand, you can classify tests as either intended to support programming or to critique the product. On the other hand, you can classify […]