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I was pretty nonplussed when I first started playing Elebits. It’s sort of a weird mix of Katamari with a first-person shooter: on the one hand, you have a gun that you use to “capture” these elebit creatures that are hiding and running around, but on the other hand you can also use the gun […]

growing backlog

I’ve been back from vacation for more than two weeks now; I really should find some time to clear out the backlog of blog posts to write, shouldn’t I? Maybe if I write them down here, that will give me some incentive to knock out several of them over the weekend. Things to talk about: […]

twilight princess

I just finished the latest Zelda. Summary: a good game, quite well done. But not a great game, for two reasons: the previous games in the series, and a certain other game in the genre that came out the same year and that is much much better. The good: it’s a Zelda game, with all […]