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I hadn’t heard a lot about Ikenfell, but there was one person whom I follow on Twitter who repeatedly said very positive things about it, in a way that got me interested. So, when I hit a break in the higher priority games for me to play, I figured I’d give Ikenfell a try; it’s […]

earthsea thoughts from 2007

Since I finished rereading the Earthsea books more than a month ago, I suppose it’s time for me to say something about them. To be honest, I’m feeling a little intimidated by what I wrote last time; I should have done a better job of taking notes right after finishing the books. Ah well. I […]

earthsea thoughts from 2002

I want to write about the Earthsea books, but before doing that, I thought I’d dig up some old notes on the topic. As far as I can tell, these were written in 2002, just after the fifth and sixth books came out. I’d read the fifth book; doesn’t look like I’d read the sixth […]

growing backlog

I’ve been back from vacation for more than two weeks now; I really should find some time to clear out the backlog of blog posts to write, shouldn’t I? Maybe if I write them down here, that will give me some incentive to knock out several of them over the weekend. Things to talk about: […]