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living in the cloud

The server hosting this blog had some troubles recently, caused (probably) by spikes in e-mail and web traffic happening at the same time. It’s under control now, but that got me wondering: it’s unfortunate that we have a single, not particularly scalable box that we’re depending on to carry that load. Wouldn’t it be nice […]

updating web pages dynamically

I’ve now written my first AJAX code: if you go to a random web page in my book/game database, you should be presented with a list of blog posts that refer to that item. At least assuming that I haven’t accidentally used functionality that your favorite browser doesn’t support, which I hear is easy to […]

finished converting dbcdb to ruby

I’ve finally finished converting dbcdb from Java to Ruby. I’ve been using the Ruby version of the tool to write the database for about four months, but I’d still been using the Java version to write the web pages. Nothing too deep going on here; I was actually done with everything but the indexes as […]