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Archives for July, 2007

boston trip notes

Some random notes from our recent trip to Boston and its environs: T tokens are no more. Which made me a little sad, but I was very happy that, when arriving Tuesday evening for a trip where we’d be leaving the next Tuesday morning and would spend three days outside of Boston, there was a […]

random links: july 28, 2007

Ayse Sercan’s thesis work sounds really cool. I’m just linking to this list of Ruby techniques so that I’ll be able to find it a year from now when I’m in a position to better use it. More good stuff from Karl on copyright. Rice paddy art. Echochrome looks like an Escher video game. Quite […]

xml, html output

My HTML output class is now at what I expect to be a reasonably stable state. It’s not by any means a perfect solution for the world’s HTML needs, but it can generate the output that I want without much excess typing, which is all that matters. Actually, it divided into two classes this morning. […]

generating html output

One decision that I had to make when doing the HTML output part of my book database: should I roll my own HTML generator, or use somebody else’s? I ended up going the ‘roll my own’ route, partly because it sounded like more fun, and partly because it would be easier to get the acceptance […]

jason kendall

I see we managed to foist Jason Kendall off on the Cubs. About time: not only is he blocking an actual prospect (Kurt Suzuki), his OPS is currently the worst in the majors by a full 40 points. He may have hit twice as many home runs this year as the last two years combined, […]

ipod, car, shuffle

I’ve been using a radio adapter to play my iPod in my car for the last year. Which works well enough, and is unbelievably better than having to rely on the radio or CDs to listen to music, but has its downsides. There aren’t a lot of holes in the radio spectrum around here; I’ve […]

queues, tags, blog posts

As I’ve mentioned before, I read others’ blog posts using Google Reader. It shows me the unread posts in reverse chronological order, I go through them and read them; if I want to keep one around for a while for some reason or other, I hit the ‘s’ key to star it. If I run […]

random links: july 1, 2007

Amazing walking wind-powered sculptures. Impressive optical illusion. Oh yeah? I’m building a topos in my attic. Not easy to make a shift like this. I’m a sucker for things like this. Given that I am interested in some sort of physical training and don’t seem to be getting around to restarting aikido, maybe I should […]