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Archives for March, 2009

gdc 2009: friday bioware talk

At 4:00pm on the friday of GDC, I attended The Iterative Level Design Process of Bioware’s Mass Effect 2. I went because I loved Mass Effect and because I’m always happy to see the word “iterative” used, but the talk turned out to be an excellent final experience from the conference for a completely unexpected […]

gdc 2009: friday

My notes from the talks that I went to on Friday at GDC: 9:00am: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap: Design Lessons Learned from Rock Band. Which began with the question: what do you do about the fact that everybody wants to have input into the design of your game? If a designer has tight control, […]

gdc 2009: thursday

A quite good day today; three of the five sessions that I attended were extremely interesting. My notes: 9:00am: GDC Microtalks. I was wondering if I should go to it—my experiences yesterday didn’t leave me entirely sold on the value of panels—but I figured that, if I got one interesting thing out of it, I […]

gdc 2009: wednesday

Notes from today: 9:00am: Iwata’s Keynote. The part I enjoyed the most was his discussion of Miyamoto’s development style. I wish I’d taken better notes on one slide in particular; a few things he talked about: No design documents. Instead, they depend on personal communication among small teams. They use very focused prototypes. These are […]

my gdc schedule

I’m trying to firm up my GDC schedule. (Though, as you will see below, I’m failing miserably in that regard.) For people reading this blog who are going to be there: this is what I look like, please say hi! The only meal I have scheduled right now is dinner on Thursday, if anybody wants […]

vgc game 5: chrono trigger

For its fifth game, the Vintage Game Club has chosen Chrono Trigger. We’ll begin our playthrough this Saturday, and I’m really looking forward to it; if you’re interested in joining us, please grab a copy of the game and come on over to the forum!

bye bye, cable tv

Comcast is forcing us to switch over to digital TV soon; given that this will break our DVR, we’re thinking that we should just give up on this whole cable TV idea, and set up a computer as a media center instead. Conveniently, Apple has just upgraded the Mac mini, so we’re going to go […]

random links: march 16, 2009

More links (and older links) than normal this time: Reader has developed a nasty habit of not showing me all the items with a given tag, so I didn’t realize that I hadn’t posted some of these already. My favorite new blog: Dear Planetary Astronomer Mike. Learn about the history of the earth, or Pluto’s […]

tweetie rocks, and other ipod touch thoughts

Thanks to everybody who game me twitter client recommendations for my iPod Touch; I’ve tried them out, and settled on Tweetie. (Recommended by Shawn Rider.) It’s been successful enough that I immediately stopped launching Twhirl on my Linux machines, and I’ve recently stopped launching Twitterriffic on my Mac. Others I considered: TwitterFon. It didn’t have […]

boom blox

I’d been thinking of giving Miranda a copy of Mario Kart Wii for Christmas, but Amazon was sold out of copies on the day that I was ordering presents. Rather than hunt for that game at other stores, I went with my second choice, Boom Blox, which turned out to be a quite pleasant alternative. […]

beyond good and evil

The Vintage Game Club chose Beyond Good & Evil as its fourth game. I played the game when it first came out; I enjoyed it, but it didn’t make a big impact on me, and I mentally pigeonholed it as a short Zelda clone. Still, I was happy enough to have an excuse to replay […]

iphone game sites?

What web sites should I be reading if I want to learn about iPhone / iPod Touch games? There are an awful lot of games for the platform already, with a pretty staggering variety, and the web sites that I’m reading now are generally more focused on the traditional console space. So I’m pretty sure […]

game writing and passion

Searching for others’ blog posts about Persona 3 got me exposed to the different kinds of posts people write about games. And I was surprised about the extent to which my search clarified my feelings about what kinds of posts I like. Generally, the posts fell into a few different categories; I could break them […]

agile politics of nature

I’ve recently been reading Bruno Latour‘s Politics of Nature, and have been struck by how well various agile practices fit into his framework. So I want to try to explain his framework (again!), and to explore how agile practices might fit in. His book begins as a reaction against the split between nature and society, […]

ipod touch twitter client recommendations?

It is definitely time for me to buy a new iPod: when driving to the airport, it took me five tries to reset the old one after it locked up, because I couldn’t get the buttons to engage. Given the frequency with which my old one locks up, that will become untenable almost immediately. Which […]