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Archives for August, 2009

joined the twentieth century

Neither my wife or I has ever had a mobile phone. This marks both of us as somewhat eccentric, and it’s not a dogmatic choice for either of us; the truth is simply that neither of us uses a phone much, so why bother paying extra to carry one around? For various reasons, though (probably […]

random links: august 30, 2009

Tanuki testicle art. One day in kanban land. Pixie Driven Development. A plain-text version of the Declaration of Independence. (Via Kelley Eskridge.) Rock Band as a music theory teacher. Maira Kalman on Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. (Via @bos31337 and The Edge of the American West.) The red handprints are a particularly nice touch. Another […]

puzzle quest: galactrix

I still haven’t made up my mind about Puzzle Quest: Galactrix. It never grabbed me in the same way as its predecessor; how much of that is due to novelty wearing off, how much is due to the strangely low quality of the DS port, and how much of that is due to the core […]

saving, ethics, and the slog

There’s been a lot of discussion recently about choices in games, and the effect that game save mechanisms have on the ethical impact of those choices. I won’t even attempt to link to the vast majority of the conversation, but two contributions (both involving Nels Anderson) particularly struck me today: slides for a talk by […]