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Archives for January, 2010

random links: january 25, 2010

Interesting discussion of female video game characters. (Via @Brinstar.) Amazing high-speed photography. (Via @ashalynd) Criticizing games without playing them. (Though, in the case of Train, I can think of one way to reduce the chance of that happening…) And here’s another one on the theme of unhelpful criticism. @kateri_t finally has a blog! Or at […]

combat fatigue

I recently replayed BioShock‘s first couple of hours as part of a VGHVI gaming session. And I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting those scenes with the perspective that I’d gained playing through the game, and gaining new insights by listening to the other participants. But I was also sad, especially in the initial bathysphere descent. That descent […]

vintage game club updates

A couple of pieces of Vintage Game Club-related news: We’ve just started a playthrough of BioShock; we’ll follow this up with a playthrough of BioShock 2 when the sequel launches. The less-than-vintage nature of those games accurately suggests that we’re considering changes; we’ve opened up a discussion thread where we welcome your suggestions.

short games

Various recent events have strongly suggested to me that I should broaden the range of games that I play. Which will, presumably, in turn broaden the range of games that I write about here. And this, in turn, poses a bit of a problem. I imagine that I’ll be spending more time with short games […]

games that have stuck

Every year brings with it its collection of lists of top N games; I mostly enjoy reading them, though I have misgivings about their existence, but I’m not very well positioned to create one myself. This year is special in that it has also brought ‘games of the decade’. About which I have fewer misgivings: […]