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Archives for May, 2010

javascript and css

I transitioned to a game team at work a couple of months ago. One of the reasons why I chose that particular team was that they were willing to let me do front end work, despite my lack of experience in that realm; this excited me because I figured I’d learn more that way than […]

experience points podcast appearance

I had the pleasure of being a guest on the Experience Points podcast recently; so if you want to hear me ramble, have a listen! I certainly enjoyed the conversation (and the subsequent games of Pandemic), though I wish I’d done a better job of explaining the virtues of market segmentation; many thanks to Jorge […]

mysims agents

MySims Agents is a delightful video game. The presentation is charming; the puzzle solving is lightweight enough to never be frustrating while being engaging enough to keep me happily playing through it; several of the NPCs are amusingly quirky; one of the minigames is surprisingly tricky; the mixture of your main character’s journey plus the […]

another world

Another World‘s opening cut scene shows an experiment gone awry, with my character being transported to another world, where I got dropped into a pool of water. At which point I died. On my next attempt, I moved out of the water; after a bit of trial and error, I killed the slugs on the […]

random links: may 10, 2010

The Internet Archive has made a million books available for free to those who are blind or otherwise print-impaired. A delightful Bob-omb Battlefield performance. A city of staples. (Via @rands.) I love this attitude towards reuse. (Via @markhneedham.) “Games are too hard, they’re too long, and they provide way too much stuff.” (Via @ncroal.) CSS […]

habitable blog posts

In my recent post on habitable software, I proposed evaluating software through the lenses of functionality, openness, and habitability. Given that one of my schticks is to yank analytical concepts out of one context and try to apply them elsewhere, this suggested a followup question: does this classification only make sense when talking about software, […]