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Archives for October, 2013

rocksmith 2014 first impressions

I’ve had a weekend with Rocksmith 2014 now; and my initial take is that it’s subtly better than its predecessor in a few interesting ways. I spent most of my time in the original game going through the Events that it gives you: a collection of songs each of which has a target score, so […]

the moirin trilogy

The last time I read Kushiel’s Legacy, only the first two trilogies had been published. Since then, there’s been a third trilogy, and I wasn’t optimistic about it: I’ve read way too many fantasy or SF series that go off the rails as they get extended, so it’s time for that series to lose its […]

benefit zero of retrospectives

Over the last couple of years, I’ve started to appreciate retrospectives in a way that I hadn’t before: I’d felt for a while that they made sense intellectually, but I was never actually good at them. And, while that hasn’t particularly changed (fortunately, other people on teams I’ve been on are better at them!), I […]

plants vs. zombies 2

The interesting thing about Plants vs. Zombies 2 isn’t the gameplay: that’s largely the same as in its predecessor, and remains solid. Instead, it’s the business model: the game is free to play, and makes its money off of in-app purchases. Which is something that the corner of the games community that I’m part of […]


In the past, my habit has been to only write my main post about a game when I stop playing it. That makes sense for the vast majority of games that I play; but for games that I play for month after month, that I would play in perpetuity if a sequel wasn’t released, that […]