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good sudoku

Good Sudoku is, of course, a Sudoku app, but one that takes a rather different angle from most Sudoku apps: it wants to expose the conceptually interesting parts of solving Sudoku puzzles, instead of having you spend time on surface rules. Some of this is done via mechanical shortcuts. Typically, a part of solving a […]

puzzling interfaces

I was looking recently to see if Nikoli had put out any more iOS versions of their puzzles; they hadn’t, but I saw several apps from Conceptis, and I have a lot of respect for them as well. So I downloaded a bunch of those and started giving them a try. Which I’m very glad […]

piczle lines

When I play a puzzle game (or do puzzles on paper), my goal isn’t to find solutions to the puzzles: my goal is to prove that there is a unique solution to the puzzle, with the production of that unique solution a side effect of that proof. This approach is so deeply ingrained into my […]

ipad games roundup

I was expecting to spend a fair amount of time playing games on my iPod Touch / iPhone, but that never really happened: I rarely found myself in a situation where it was my only game-playing device available, and, for me, games on it didn’t manage to compete against games on other devices. With my […]