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sources of energy

I’ve started paying more attention recently to what gives me more energy: evaluating experiences, places, even objects on that criterion instead of other criteria. Not necessarily physical energy—I’m as capable of falling asleep in post-lunch meetings as ever—but mental energy, a feeling that I’m building up my reserves for thinking instead of chipping away at […]

dbcdb: links!

My dbcdb pages now can have a list of external links attached to them. This is a feature that I’d been wanting to add for a while – until now, the links from within these blog entries probably served as more of an annoyance to my readers than anything else, since the information on those […]

intrusive collections

Each of my dbcdb web pages corresponds to an instance of a class called Entity. And each entity has a key, which is the number used in the web page. The class Collection represents the collection of all the entities. Currently, each entity knows its key. As part of the change that I’m about to […]

sql schema

Despite my earlier planning, I still haven’t done any work towards switching dbcdb to an SQL backend. Part of this is other things intervening in my life, but most of this is the inertia of starting something new, and that I haven’t broken tasks down enough. Today is a holiday, so I can spend some […]

internet explorer css problems

I did some more cross-browser testing; it turns out that my pages look like crap under Internet Explorer, and probably have for a while. Specifically, on the book card section of the page, the headers (Title:, Author:, etc.) look fine, but all the values are lined up horizontally in a row. I suspect it’s also […]


My pages now have sidebars. And are a bit more colorful. Yay. It didn’t turn out the way I envisioned. At first, I was planning for there to be a darker color (grey, which turned into pink) across the top and left, and for there to be white not just in the data area but […]

french history, arcades project

One of the things I realized while reading The Arcades Project: I don’t know squat about French history. There was this revolution at the end of the 18th century; I don’t think I care about French history before then. (1789? Yes, says the wikipedia; I guess I should read that article, shouldn’t I?) It’s supposed […]

author pages, more fields

My sample page now looks significantly different. The ‘Author’ field links to another web page (a very sparse one currently; more will be added eventually). And there are ‘Last Read’, ‘Rating’, ‘ISBN’, and ‘Own’ fields (all optional). The ISBN field links to an appropriate Amazon page. A quite pleasant afternoon of programming, all things said. […]

dbcdb: generated using Java

This page looks the same as it did last week, but it’s being generated using Java. Whee. (And I hope it will look a little different by the end of the weekend.) I didn’t spend too much time programming: my time was mostly spent managing and understanding infrastructure. There’s now an acceptance test which runs […]

first story

I’ve implemented my first story; the results can be seen at The Arcades Project. (Of course, if things go as planned, then the appearance of that page will drastically change over coming months!) I was pretty good about writing an acceptance test first. Which meant that I got to install Apache locally on my laptop, […]

paris arcades

The Arcades Project has been sitting on my to-read shelf for a year or so. (I’ve finally started reading it, about which more later.) One thing that’s been bothering me since I heard about the book, though: I’ve been to Paris several times, and I don’t recall ever seeing an arcade there! Have they all […]