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weinberg on incremental construction

I’m a fan of authors on construction whose works I can read in a programming context. On a related note, here’s a bit from Gerald Weinberg with a building/programming analogy that I like. (Quality Software Management, v. 4: Anticipating Change, pp. 216–217: Imagine building a house by bringing all the parts to the lot, then […]

how buildings learn

I wasn’t expecting to like How Buildings Learn nearly as much as I did. I learned about it from the XP book‘s bibliography, and certainly you wouldn’t have to look very far in the book to find inspiration for your programming. But I was surprised at how interested I was in the actual topic of […]

wrote cli tool to edit sql

Up until a few months ago, the way I would, say, add a new book to the list of books I’d read was to edit a file (WriteDbc.java), compile it, and run its main, which would write out HTML pages directly from the Java data structures that it built up. Then, a few months ago, […]