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lean employer-employee relations

One thing that I never got around to blogging about when I first became lean-obsessed: Toyota never fires anybody. Or something like that; at any rate, one thing that lean bloggers claim is that, for lean manufacturers, employees are a fixed cost instead of a variable cost. Which has interesting ramifications. In general, it’s a […]

lean sales

One thing I wanted to learn when I started reading about lean: given that Toyota is supposed to be so great at everything, why is it that, when I last shopped for a car, fully intending to buy one of their models, the experience was so bad that it (or rather they, I tried two […]

books with more than two authors

I can now handle books with more than two authors. Yay. Nice to be able to spend ten or fifteen minutes making a change that actually affects what books I can handle instead of spending months making a change whose effects nobody else can see. Not that I’m done with the behind-the-scenes changes yet – […]