Jordan’s comment reminded me that I forgot about his other website. Which, at least currently, links to a page advertising his book, The Grasshopper King. Which I like a lot, so go buy it! I remember enjoying reading the manuscript when we were in grad school together, but in the mists of time I couldn’t remember whether I liked it because he wrote it or because it’s actually good. Fortunately, the latter proved to be the case. My only quibble is that I always feel guilty about enjoying novels set in academia. But I suppose that you should write about what you know; anyways, now that I’ve been out in the real world for a whole year now, I guess I can start getting over that.

Side note to Jordan: at first I assumed the web page was the publisher’s page for the book, but a closer examination showed that not to be the case. What’s your connection with this Zeek magazine that’s hosting it? Who did the web site design?

Anyways, the real reason why I’m typing now instead of reading a book is my happiness at the Red Sox’s victory over the Yankees (at the expense of Mariano Rivera, no less), and at the awesome catch that Manny Ramirez made to take a home run out of the stands. Manny has a bad defensive rep, but he’s actually always been more or less decent defensively. Still, that was probably the best play I’ve seen him make. Good Red Sox crowd, too; it took me a little while to realize that, in fact, the game was in New York. We went to an A’s-Red Sox game a few weeks ago where the crowd as a whole was, I think, slightly tilted towards the Red Sox, and the fans around us were heavily leaning that way. Miranda was highly amused by the simultaneous “Let’s go Red Sox” and “Let’s go Oakland” chants, but her favorite chant of the night was one all the fans could agree on, “Yankees Suck”. She is a fabulous daughter!

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