My piano needs maintenance. It’s been a while since it’s gotten tuned, but it actually doesn’t sound too bad. But there’s one note that clicks when you play it, and sometimes the keys don’t always come all the way back up when you play them. That’s actually been happening for a while when the pedal is down, which is interfering with my grand plan to actually learn how to play some music written since 1750, but I could deal with it since mostly I play music written before then. But now it’s started to occasionally happen without the pedal down, which is really no good at all.

Unfortunately, I don’t know any good piano techs. I don’t want to go with the person who did the free tuning a month after I bought it, since he’s had two chances to fix the clicking note and hasn’t succeeded either time. And none of my local friends play the piano. So I guess I’ll have to pick somebody more or less at random, and cross my fingers.

I’m hoping that the issue of keys not coming all the way back up is something I can learn how to fix myself. (And I’m also hoping that the piano grows out of it – it’s actually a very nice piano, but that really is not good behavior.) I suspect it is – I took off the front of the piano (it’s an upright), and looked at what was happening, and I think that I probably just have to turn the right screw somewhere. Still, it would be nice to have somebody to watch while they’re fixing it, so I can learn what to do.

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