A new cookbook we got had a recipe for gorgonzola and walnut “ice cream” that we tried last weekend. It looked a little strange: cream together 4 ounces of dolce latte gorgonzola, 8 ounces of mascarpone, add a half-cup of chopped walnuts, whip and fold in a half-cup of cream, and freeze. But all the ingredients are things that I like, the other recipe I’ve tried from the cookbook (meringue chocolate chunk cookies) worked well, and she’s one of the authors of one of my favorite cookbooks.

Sad to say, it was awful. Miranda had several bites of it. Liesl’s mom thought that it might be okay at the start of a meal. Frankly, though, I thought that the combination of whipped cream and gorgonzola was almost nauseating. Admittedly, the gorgonzola we used, while good, wasn’t labeled as “dolce latte”; if I ever run into the stuff, I’ll give it a try and see if I think it would work well enough in this recipe to be worth trying again. But I’m not optimistic…

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