We just watched Tokyo Godfathers; very good. About three homeless people who find an abandoned baby, and try to track down its mother and learn why she abandoned it; good characters, good plot, good visuals, pleasantly bizarre.

Hmm: that wasn’t much of a discussion of the movie, was it? The problem is, I’m really not very good at talking about movies. I could give a plot description, but I’m not sure what the point of doing so would be. I’d rather have something a bit more insightful to say, or at least something a bit more analytical. I don’t claim to be god’s gift to video game criticism, but at least I can blather along about the things for paragraphs; not so with movies. I’ve seen a reasonable number of movies (perhaps not so many in recent years, but then again the movies I’ve seen I’ve seen over and over again, which should mean something); I guess the point is that I spend more time thinking about the design of video games as I play them. And, for that matter, I spend lots of time reading video game web sites, so I’m much more exposed to video game criticism than movie criticism. (What are good movie web sites? Also, what are good music web sites?) So I should think more as I watch movies, and not be afraid to write about them, I guess; with practice, I’ll have more to say.

Fortunately, I should have more movie-watching time soon. For years, we’d basically only been able to watch movies that Miranda could watch. But once she started school, we moved her bed time up (or really, gave her a bed time different from ours at all), giving us time that we could watch TV by ourselves. Unfortunately, at about the same time, we bought our disco duro, and we kind of overdosed on Iron Chef and Good Eats. But recently we’ve moved her bed time still earlier, and a significant portion of the Good Eats episodes are ones we’ve seen recently, so we’re plowing through our backlog of recordings.

(The thing I miss most about Boston: the Brattle. Also, why, in my first paragraph, did I not mention that it was either Japanese or animated? I guess I didn’t want to overemphasize either of those facts, given the brevity of the paragraph: I wasn’t up for a comparison of it with anime, or for that matter non-Japanese animation (The Triplets of Belleville; I guess I didn’t talk about that when I first watched it? Maybe I wasn’t blogging yet).)

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