For the last month or so, Miranda’s been really into helping out with cooking dinner. I’m not quite sure what triggered it; part of it, I suspect, is that with her current bed time, she doesn’t get to spend much time with us in the evenings, and the best way to maximize that time is for her to help us with dinner, since we certainly can’t play with her while cooking! Also, the week before she started helping so much, the cooking segment at school involved her using sharp knives; this may have given her more of a sense of power and accomplishment. (We don’t let her use sharp knives at home, for what that’s worth.) (Once of the many nice things about PACT is that kids get to do stuff like cooking – basically, whatever parents are interested in teaching, kids get to do!)

Actually, though, she’s been cooking for a while, and doing it much more creatively than Liesl and I ever do. She designs her own desserts, and they can be quite distinctive. The basic model is ice cream, chocolate sauce, marshmallows, and a couple of colors of sprinkles, but she quite frequently substitutes in other ingredients (chocolate bars, cookies, fruit, whatever else she thinks of). Not always the most coherent of dishes, but they’re fun to eat (and fun to help her with), and I’m really impressed with her desire to design them.

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