The board finally voted last night. Actually, they voted on two things: they changed their vote of a month ago, and agreed to not close any school this year. And they voted on which school they would close next year: they’ll close Slater (my daughter’s school), PACT will move to Castro, but the rest of Castro will stay as-is (instead of moving the dual immersion program away from Castro or closing the neighborhood strand). They’ll try to get a third magnet program at Castro eventually.

All in all, I think the vote went about as well as I could imagine. I’m obviously quite happy that they’re not closing any school last year. I’m sad that Slater is targeted for closure a year for now; but I can’t honestly say that the proposal they approved isn’t the best one for the district as a whole. In particular, it’s the only proposal that actually had a positive vision for Castro, that didn’t treat Castro as a problem to be swept under the carpet somehow.

I hope that something will happen over the next year to remove the need to close any school next year, either, though I can’t say that I’m optimistic. So I’ll have to do what I can to make PACT’s probable move to Castro a smooth one. But first, a break; it’s been a busy last couple of months.

(A busy one for many people: I have been extraordinarily impressed with the way the Slater community behaved throughout this process. A lot of people worked very hard to get us this result; my heartfelt thanks to all of them.)

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