WordPress, the blog software that I used, has gone through some changes recently, so I thought that I’d upgrade it yesterday. At first, I thought everything went well, so I started to write a post about how remarkably well designed the upgrade process was.

Unfortunately, when I went to edit that post in progress, it lost my changes. After more poking around yesterday and today, things got stranger and stranger. I thought I might have made a mistake, so I restored from backup and tried upgrading again, and it was even worse. The only guess that I have is that content was getting cached inappropriately somewhere, but I don’t understand why that would happen or how to fix it. And, while WordPress has some active support forums, nobody else seems to have had the same problems that I had.

So I restored from backup a second time and stuck with the old version; at least it seems to be working just fine.

Too bad I can’t use the new version, though, if for no other reason that it has some improved spam-handling measures that I could really use right now. Maybe I’ll just go and tinker with the spam-handling myself: I had been feeling guilty that my knowledge of web technologies ends with hand-written HTML pages, so it would be nice to have an excuse to learn about PHP…

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