I spent a little more time playing around with doing the upgrade piecemeal; it turned out that, while there were some pleasant groups of packages that came together in a clump of 10-20, most packages either were happy to be upgraded individually or were part of a huge clump that required a few hundred packages to be upgraded simultaneously. (Upgrade ftp, then libreadline has to be upgraded, then all other CLI programs have to be upgraded, and they pull in all sorts of random libraries to upgrade, etc.) And once that happens, you might as well upgrade everything. So I did; worked fine. (I’m still planning to go and look through my list of installed packages just to see what I should consider removing, though.)

I’m a little annoyed at their “Fedora extras” thing. At first, I was happy because it meant that I could get galeon from them instead of having to find it at another repository. (Good thing, too, because the repository I had been using for that doesn’t seem to have an FC4 version available.) But it turns out that they don’t bother to keep the extras repository in sync with their other repositories; they’ve done an upgrade of mozilla, since their last galeon upgrade, so right now I can’t install galeon at all because there’s no easy way for me to get the old mozilla version instead of the new one. Sigh. Still, they’ll probably work out the kinks over the next few months.

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