I was kind of bummed when Erubiel Durazo got hurt, and Scott Hatteberg’s performance has certainly been nothing to write home about this season. (I still have no idea why he’s gotten the contracts he has from Billy Beane.) But Dan Johnson’s performance has been a pleasant surprise: I’d literally never heard of him, but after 174 plate appearances he’s slugging .500. Who knows how long he’ll keep that up, but I guess he isn’t a complete flash in the pan: looking at his entry in the 2005 Baseball Prospectus, I see “Johnson is ready to step in and take Hatteberg’s job”, and they certainly got that right.

We’re watching the shanghai crab episode of Iron Chef right now. I’m used to seeing live seafood there (driving nails through the heads of pike eels thrashing around on the cutting board), though seeing the poor crabs put live into a hot wok was a bit much. A first for me, though, was a crab with its shell off, in the process of being disemboweled, and you could still see its heart beating…

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