In our house, as in apartments that we’ve lived in, sinks periodically get clogged up. If the drain plug gizmo (what is the name for those things?) is removable, we try removing it and seeing if we can get stuff out of there, but in the last few places we’ve lived, they haven’t been. (There must be a way to remove the ones that don’t just pull out, but I don’t know what it is.)

So we use Drano. And then we use Drano a second time, because the first time never helps. If we’re lucky, the second time works.

But the second time didn’t work too well the last time we had to unplug the upstairs sink, so it got clogged again pretty quickly. Liesl got sick of this last night, and the plunger happened to be up there; so she used the plunger on the sink. Which worked great!

The question here is: why did it take us so long to think of trying this? How did we get this mental block where the plunger is the obvious thing to try for a stopped-up toilet, but we’d never thought of trying it for a stopped-up sink? Sigh. At least now we know.

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