I finally got around to plugging the digital camera I bought before going on vacation into my computer. It’s only been just over two months since we got back; to put this in context, right before going on vaction we developed a roll of film that contained pictures from not only Halloween 2004 but also Halloween 2003. There is a reason why my pictures page hasn’t been updated in just shy of three years, though with luck that will change soon.

Anyways, I wasn’t surprised that I got it to work in Linux; I’d heard good things about gphoto, it’s a mainstream camera, and I’d just talked to Jordan the previous weekend about his successful experience with cameras in Linux. I was pleasantly surprised, though, to find that I didn’t have to lift a finger: I plugged the camera into the USB port, turned it on, and up popped a dialog on the computer.

So: yay for Linux. Nice to see that more of what the rest of the world considers basic functionality works there, too. Now I just have to sort through the pictures, remind myself how gimp works, and do a bit of cropping and resizing. The last time I tried this, gimp was easy enough to use; I just have to stop being lazy.

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