My first attempt at adding CSS to dbcdb was nice, but it had some flaws. In some places, I didn’t express the syntax as gracefully as possible; it put in an ugly and unnecessary scroll bar if your web browser was less than 900 pixels wide; and bright red is pretty unsuitable for a header color. So I’ve changed all that. (I’ve read through most of the CSS standard, though alas not yet the part about lists. Reasonably well-written.)

There are still some issues. I looked at pages with Safari, and in some cases the vertical spacing on the complex lists wasn’t what I wanted. I tend to think that the spacing between the header and data is a little large. Also, right now the header is an h1 where I override the font size to make it look like an h2; if I replace it by an actual h2, the page looks subtly different. (At least in Galeon.) It may well be the case that, in a month or two, I’ll have a reason to turn the header into an h2 (I haven’t decided yet); so I’ll defer that decision until later. And the spacing isn’t that big a deal; if I get enlightened by reading the list part of the spec, that’s great, but otherwise I won’t worry about it too much for now.

Busy weekend; I don’t have time to work on this much. Which is just as well, because the next big step is to tell it to use a SQL database as its backend, and I don’t know anything about SQL! So I really need to spend time reading about that. I can probably do some little steps in the meantime; a list of recently read books would be nice, for example.

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