I think (though I’m not completely sure) that we’re done with our lice infestation. But we’ve also had some diseases running through our house recently; the cold wasn’t so bad, but last weekend was Liesl’s turn to get the flu, and this weekend was mine. (Where by “weekend” I mean four or five days for Liesl, and at least as long for me.) I hope to return to normal existence at some point, but I can’t imagine when.

I really hope Miranda isn’t going to come down with it; that won’t be fun for any of us. She might have had a mildish version of it a few weeks ago; we’ll see, I guess. I should probably work from home for a few days even once my brain becomes capable of programming again, both to preserve my strength and to reduce the chance of infecting my coworkers. Pair programming is great for knowledge transfer, but disease transfer is a side-effect that I’d rather avoid.

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