I added a stylesheet to dbcdb; here is an example of what it currently looks like. Move your mouse over a link without clicking on it and notice the a:hover effect.

Most of the issues involved formatting definition lists properly; this page was helpful. I did have to modify my HTML, though; before, for compound entries (e.g. the list of volumes in a series), I had a single dt followed by a bunch of dd elements. I probably could have formatted that reasonably by adding an appropriate class, but I decided I liked bullet points for those lists, which I couldn’t figure out how to handle. (Hmm: looking at the CSS spec, maybe I should have dug deeper, but it looks fine now.) So I ended up nesting a ul inside a single dd, which is fine. (I still had to add a class to the latter dd.)

Let me know if anything looks wrong; I’ve only testsed it in Galeon, so while it should work in Firefox, Mozilla, etc., I don’t know about other browsers. And let me know if you have suggestions for ways to make it look better; I certainly won’t claim that it’s a marvel of web design as it stands.

Incidentally: books that I referred to during this were Cascading Style Sheets: The Designer’s Edge, which I wasn’t that thrilled with, and The Zen of CSS Design: Visual Enlightenment for the Web, which was fabulous. The latter is a discussion of the CSS Zen Garden web site; take a look. The CSS spec was useful, too; I should read the whole thing at some point.

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