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Archives for November, 2005


The rhyming bit near the start of The Princess Bride is a nice throwaway touch.


I converted dbcdb’s build system from Make to ant a couple of days ago: besides ant being on my list of tools to learn about, it seems to be impossible for Make to work well with Java. Previously, I’d gotten around this by using a Makefile that works 99% of the time, and having my […]

test blog spam

I had been having problems with blog spam, but I’ve been mercifully free of it for a while. I’d noticed that they were spamming the same posts over and over (no idea why; I couldn’t see a pattern, though I admittedly didn’t look very hard), so I turned off comments on those posts, and they […]

sudoku revisited

I was infatuated with sudoku for a little while, but then I got bored with it: I was at a stage where puzzles were either too easy or required random searches, neither of which I enjoyed. But I’ve started doing them again, and I would like to recommend the brainbashers sudoku web site. For one […]

jade empire

Sitting down to play Jade Empire was a very pleasant experience. I’d just given up on a not very satisfactory game. It had been a while since I’d played an RPG, so I was primed for the experience. I selected a character without too much agonizing, entered the initial area, talked to a few people, […]

release planning

For months, I’ve wanted my team to try actual XP/Scrum-style release planning; yesterday and today, we actually did it. I’m glad we did; if nothing else, it was quite interesting, and I think/hope it was productive. This planning is for a “release” at the end of the month that we’ll use for demos and trials […]

questionable content

The most recent addition to the list of web comics I regularly read is Questionable Content, and this strip is a pretty good example of one of the main reasons. I am completely ignorant about the aspects of the music scene that the characters are into, but I just like to listen to people delve […]