A while ago, I went looking for Cole Porter DVD’s; unfortunately, there wasn’t much available. (For all I know, not that many of his musicals ever made it on film.) I ended up with a five-movie box set, which sounded good until I started actually watching them.

High Society is actually pretty good; I should watch it again. Kiss Me Kate is a wonderful musical; I might enjoy the movie version if I weren’t aware that it’s horribly gutted. (Fortunately, this version is available.) Neither Silk Stockings not Les Girls did much for me.

I put off watching Broadway Melody of 1940 for a long time; I’m suspicious of any movie whose title makes me think that they churn out one every year. But we finally got around to it yesterday, and it’s a lot of fun! Classic Fred Astaire black and white dancing. I’d heard almost all the songs before, but there’s a reason for that. (Though I don’t understand the popularity of Begin the Beguine.) Eleanor Powell is pleasant enough. I’ve seen better stories before, certainly, but I’ve seen worse as well.

Fortunately, there’s more Fred Astaire available on DVD now; I should work through that boxed set next…

(I should insert a rant here about how all stage performances of all time, or at least going forward, should be available for viewing, but I’m not up for it right now.)

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