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Archives for December, 2005

thomas merton

Anybody have any good Thomas Merton recommendations? I really liked his autobiography, and I get the impression that he’s the sort of person who might well have written more books that I’d like, but neither New Seeds of Contemplation nor Zen and the Birds of Appetite did much for me. For that matter, any other […]

video games

And now you can see the video games I’ve played recently. There’s still a little bit of refactoring to do on the code that I’ve checked in, and a little bit more code to write. But the previous constructs held up reasonably well; easy enough to add the new item types (video games, game consoles, […]

that was fast

Okay, now I understand, at least a little. It would seem that, if A depends on B, using a part of B’s implementation that, say, returns an object of type C, then modifying C doesn’t cause the depend task to rebuild A unless you set closure to be true. Which is a little weird – […]

dependency checking

I finally have dependency checking right; I don’t know how I missed ant’s depend task before, but I’m using it now. I’m still a little surprised that the tutorials that I looked at didn’t point it out, and that it’s an optional task; on the other hand, there are enough C and C++ build systems […]

marquise au chocolat

One of our thanksgiving desserts was the “Marquise au Chocolat Taillevent”, from Patricia Wells’ The Food Lover’s Guide to Paris. A book that has served us well, though I hope she comes out with another edition before the next time we go to Paris, if only to find restaurants there that serve a decent raclette. […]

podcast recommendations wanted

Anybody have any good podcast recommendations? I’ve been listening to them for a few months now; the only ones that have stuck are agile toolkit, which can be very interesting but which doesn’t get updated very often, and the Mercury News video game podcast, which I enjoy but might well not listen to if I […]