So I was just ordering a book for my dad’s birthday. (Cartographica Extraordinaire; I haven’t looked at it, but it’s recommended here.) Amazon was incorrectly claming that it hadn’t been published, and the publisher’s web site was a little strange, so I didn’t feel like ordering from either of them.

After a few days of checking on Amazon, I remembered that other online bookstores exist, so I went to order through Barnes and Noble. It claimed that they could ship it within 24 hours, so I went ahead with ordering it there. After a bit, I got to the place where I had to enter my Dad’s current mailing address; I was pretty sure I knew it, but I wanted to double-check.

So I was about to go and get my address book out of my backback, when I realized there was a faster way: I went over to Amazon’s web site and got it off of my list of shipping addresses there. Yay.

This probably says something (about me, about the web), but I’m not sure quite what. Among other things, it says that I use computers, but am not in the habit of storing certain kinds of information on them that many other people are; call me Mr. Backwards. But I happily give all my information away to Amazon. Or not so happily in some cases, which is one of the motivators for my dbcdb project, but in this particular instance it was useful.

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