I subscribe to the paper edition of CounterPunch, but I’d never seriously looked at their website before today; clearly I’ve been missing something. Some examples, all from stories appearing today or yesterday:

  • This is just scary. It does make me happy that it’s a Reagan appointee and former WSJ editor who’s pointing it out: I’m sure there are many areas about which I would disagree with the author, but at least some of our core beliefs agree.
  • Plain old good reporting. Dig into DoD budget numbers, try to figure out what they mean.
  • Noam Chomsky being Noam Chomsky. If we’re going to propose standards of behavior, we should examine our own action in light of them.
  • Yes, voting machines can be hacked. Who knows the extent to which they have been hacked in real elections (my guess is only in a few relatively unimportant ones), but this should be reason enough to ditch the things unless they get subjected to much more scrutiny and come with a paper trail.

If only they would add an RSS feed…

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