Despite appearances, I have been making progress on dbcdb recently; it’s just been taking a little while to go through the examples and exercises in Learning SQL, and I was busy last weekend. (As I am this weekend, but I’ll find time tomorrow somehow. I have a big backlog of posts to write here, too.)

Still, it will take some time before the SQL backend is in place. I’d been vowing not to implement any new features until I’d done so, which has been quite annoying since I really want to have links from dbcdb entries to blog posts. But I really do want the SQL conversion to happen as soon as possible; adding other features will delay that, and adding that particular feature will make the conversion slightly more complicated.

But then I started reading a book without an author, which I didn’t support. It wasn’t at all hard to support – I just had to test against null in a few places – but it took me a while to track down all those places. It didn’t help that I didn’t think of all the appropriate unit tests to write, so I had to actually use jdb in order to track down places where a NullPointerException was being thrown, so I could cover them with unit tests and fix the problem. Pretty frustrating; I can’t say that I’m too impressed by that debugger. Still, it’s working now.

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