I would seem to be quite the lucky fellow: I won another iPod at work. They asked us all to bang on the Sun Grid for a little while before its launch, to try to find some bugs; I did my banging, and my name was drawn out of a hat.

About which I feel a little embarrassed; maybe I should give it to one of my coworkers? Then again, most of them didn’t take the time to bang on the grid. And maybe Liesl or Miranda will find a use for it, or maybe my current iPod will die.

I don’t actually have the thing yet, though: I have to go to the Menlo Park office to pick it up. I asked if it could just be sent to me; the response was “no, that would cost money”. Hmm, let’s see: it would take me maybe 35 minutes to drive there and back; putting it in the mail would cost somebody else maybe 5 minutes of time, plus the shipping costs. So it comes out balancing a half-hour of my time versus the shipping costs; I won’t reveal my exact salary here, but I’m pretty sure that, even without accounting for the overhead in employing me (insurance, the space I take up, the services that I use), Sun would come out ahead by just shipping it to me.

Maybe it’s all a plot to figure out which of their engineers have too much time on their hands, so they can fire them. I dunno. I will ask.

It’s a nano of some sort; better to jog with. I’m not sure how much memory it has, but I do have more than 4GB of music stored on my current one, so I’ll have to pick and choose what goes on it. I hope iTunes handles that well; it probably does, since I can’t be the only person who has to deal with this issue. Honestly, I’ll probably just let it sit in a box until we do the computer upgrade. Which may be sooner than we had planned: yesterday, the laptop screen developed a red line towards the left side of the screen. (What would cause that, anyways?) I don’t think the new MacBooks are shipping, though, and I’d rather give them a little while to shake out bugs. I should get around to doing our taxes soon, at least, to make sure we can afford to upgrade…

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