I just put some recent pictures on my web site. Some from me at work, either surrounded by what’s important to me there (art by Miranda, books, and Emacs) or outside. The scenery really is gorgeous (and comes with horses!); I will miss it when we have to move to Sun’s main campus. Winter is its green period, because of the rain; in summer, the yellowish brown dried grass makes for an equally striking scene. And some from a visit today to Jordan, Tanya, and Caleb; Caleb is a total sweetie!

I should get in the habit of doing this more often. It’s very easy to take pictures with the new camera, and to transfer them to my laptop. And they are taken at a resolution of 2048×1536, which when halved and quartered make nice large thumbnails (palm-sized rather than thumbnail-sized, but whatever) and full-browser images. Also, the previous digital camera we had (a freebie that came with the laptop three and a half years ago, so very low quality) didn’t have an LCD on the back, so I always had to crop pictures; with the new camera, they get framed properly. And they are much higher quality (at least technically: it’s still me behind the camera most of the time, though my boss kindly took the ones of me); in particular, its flash and autofocus are much more intelligent. Now I really don’t have any excuse to avoid putting up pictures from last summer’s vacation; next weekend!

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