When I got home this evening, I noticed that one of the dogs had pooped on the carpet. Which sometimes happens; they’re wonderful in many, many ways, but housebreaking is not their forte. Anyways, I took them out, and the phone was ringing as I got back in, so I ran to answer it. Once I finished that (vacation plans firming up, yay), I surveyed the damage; it turns out that they basically had the trots all over the downstairs carpet. Sigh; good thing that we were planning to do a round of steam cleaning this weekend.

So I started cleaning this up. Then I noticed little circles of poop in the kitchen. A bit of inspection revealed that, in fact, I’d tracked it in there; I guess I stepped in something while running to the phone. Oops. I hope I got rid of all of the manifestations; not sure.

At some point during this, I looked around in the kitchen, and noticed that the ant trails had increased. For whatever reason, we’ve had a lot of ants in our kitchen the last half-week or so; maybe the wet weather is driving them inside? They’d mostly been walking over the cutting board, which I really don’t understand – I suppose there must be some food ground in there (the turmeric stains suggest as much), but really, not a lot. At some point today, though, they discovered the Honey Nut Cheerios, which were very much to their tastes. The rest of the cereal cabinet seems okay for now, though. (And we learned long ago to store the high-risk stuff in ziplocs.)

At about this time, Liesl came home; with her help, it didn’t take too long to get the ant problem dealt with. And, honestly, the whole thing wasn’t that bad; one side effect of having a kid is that you get pretty blase about poop – it’s just a fact of nature. I’m glad this sort of thing doesn’t happen every day, though, and it’s just as well that we’re going out with friends on Saturday instead of inviting them all over for dinner – they might think twice about eating our food if they saw the number of ants in the kitchen.

Anyways, I hope that I have brightened all of your weekends!

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