During recess at school today, I saw three kids playing together. One of them was a kindergarten girl from Miranda’s class; another was a first-grade boy from Miranda’s class. The third was an older boy (fourth-grade, maybe?) whom I didn’t know; I kind of think I might have seen him at a PACT function, but I’m not sure, so he might or might not be in PACT. I have no idea how he knew the other two – maybe he met one or both of them in an Arts Focus class, maybe he knows them another way, maybe he’d never met them before.

They were playing with a hula-hoop: the older boy sent it spinning along the blacktop, while the other two ran after it. The girl usually got to it first; I don’t know if she just had more energy (she clearly did, but that might not have been sufficient), or if the other boy was just being nice and making sure that she was getting it her fair share of the time.

This went on for several minutes; all three were clearly enjoying themselves.

I am happy that my daughter goes to a school where this sort of thing can happen. And if PACT has anything to do with it, then go PACT! PACT may or may not have anything to do with it, actually: the school in general has many nice features.

I don’t want to paint it as the norm: in general, kids of about the same age (not exactly the same age, doubtless helped by the mixed-grade classrooms) and of the same gender play together. But this isn’t the only exception I’ve seen, though it is one of the more dramatic ones, in its own quiet way.

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