Hmm: having been confronted with a few posts that look similar to the above in other blogs, I am starting to see the wisdom of delicious (no, I am not going to go and figure out where to put the damn periods): if I were reading this, I’d rather see a couple of links a day than ten all at once, and I’d rather get to the referenced articles by hitting v C-w j than by, horror of horrors, clicking the mouse.

On the other hand, I really don’t like the idea of handing out my own data without saving a copy of my own, and some people may prefer seeing something like the above. So maybe I’ll adopt Simon Phipps’s solution and combine a delicious feed with a periodic list of links aggregated in a single list in the blog.

Let’s turn this into an experiment, and see if just mentioning Simon’s name is enough to get him to notice, or if I have to actually link to his blog: Simon, do you have some software to generate your daily delicious links posts? If so, could I have a copy?

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