It would seem to be E3 time again; hmm. I suppose the world does not need another blogger talking about it, but I have nothing better to do. Besides, I never got around to talking about the name “Wii”.

Which is a stupid name. I know they’re trying a blue ocean strategy, I think that’s a good idea, I think that not using the name Revolution will help in that regard. But Wii reeks of bad consultants, and it doesn’t strike me as the sort of name that will appeal to the older nontraditional gamer. Still, I can’t see it making or breaking the console.

Actually, they could probably do a better job with their blue ocean strategy: there was a lot of traditional gameplay in their press conference. Then again, they probably are going to weight that sort of thing a bit more heavily at E3 than in their eventual lineup: I don’t recall them demoing Brain Age before its launch in Japan, for example. (I will give that game a try when we’re on vacation this summer; also, this game seems worth importing, for though I’m sick of sudoku by now, I still like number puzzles, and the DS seems like a good platform for that.)

I am getting quite curious about the gameplay now that first-hand reports are trickling in. Even traditional games will feel quite different, but I don’t have a feel for exactly how this will work. I had missed the fact (or forgotten) that the controller has an accelerometer built in, so it can tell how fast you’re moving it, not just where you’re pointing it; the fishing minigame in the new Zelda will certainly be an experience. Speaking of which, it’s too bad that it looks like there will be separate disks for the Gamecube and Wii versions of the game: it would be nice to play the same segment on both consoles to see how it will feel. (The again, I’ve played enough Zelda on recent consoles to have a pretty good idea how the Gamecube version will feel.) And, honestly, I’m still worried that there will be aspects of the Wii Zelda controls that I won’t like – will using the controller to slash with the sword be a distraction from the adventuring? (Will you even use the controller to slash with the sword? Maybe not.)

Pretty muted press conferences, given that one console just launched and two are about to. I would have thought they’d have more to say, somehow. Maybe it’s just my world-weary point of view now, though: new consoles don’t inherently excite me, and we’re in the end-of-generation lull of games, while the good games of the next generation aren’t far enough along to have much meat on them.

And where’s the Wii Smash Brothers? That’s a great series. Not that I have any friends to play video games with these days…

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