Sorry I’ve been so quiet over the last month or so. One reason is that I’ve been spending a fair amount of time playing Knights of the Old Republic. It’s not that I was blown away by it: I was just enjoying it enough to want to finish it while realizing it was a long enough game that, if I didn’t want it to drag on for half a year, I should put some effort into doing so. Which was a good move; for whatever reason, I’ve been enjoying it rather more since I started devoting more time to it.

But I’m not the only RPG player in the house: Miranda has finally learned to read well enough that we’re willing to let her play the Gamecube Paper Mario game. Which she is now spending quite a bit of time with, and I don’t blame her: very well done game, that. So, between the two of us, the TV was in use playing one RPG or another basically all day Sunday.

Almost done with KOTOR, though. Which is why I got a copy of Guitar Hero on my way home today, complete with guitar controller…

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